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 Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130801]

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$Jonghyun's Baby$

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130801]    Kv. 08 01, 2013 9:28 pm

One of these have to be your type, right…? For that, you need EXO, and they’re here. All the members’ colors are uber charming… Look, first, and then see yourself searching EXO in the search terms.. The commposition is awesome. Sanghoon hyung, Jaewon hyung, Beatburger, you’re the jjang jjang man

I meant ‘color’, I typo’ed. Heh. I’m embarrassed (T/N: He made a typo in the previous tweet on the word ‘color’.)

It… It’s not specailly because! You guys wanted to see a selca…! I just wanted to upload one!

It… It’s not specially! Because I think you guys will see these pictures and go, ‘Whoa ㅜㅠ Jonghyun’s so cute I’m going to die’…! Just…! I just tied my hair to erase my makeup!
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Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130801]

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