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 Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130717]

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$Jonghyun's Baby$

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130717]    Tr. 07 17, 2013 9:23 pm

Rain sound jjangjjangman!

The 2nd Album ‘Pink Tape’ Art Film  F(x) is out! If you do not anticipate, you will be dead; If you do not buy their albums, you will be dead; Remember this… You out there, the music listeners here are all f(x) fans! Your voices are jjang jjang man

People who saw the wrong word (which I typed)…. if you spread it around, you will be dead. if you hear it, you will be dead too…remember this….

Not sure if I am promoting ‘I can hear your voice’ or f(x) …!! Bba Seang!!  

Ah But ‘The Queen Classroom’ is also jjang jjang man!

jjang jjang girl!

If the tweet which I just posted spread to the producer of ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ , you will be dead; those who helped to spread will also be dead….ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ The Queen’s Classroom jjang jjang man

‘Sangeo(상어)’ Fighting! ‘Cruel City(무정도시)’ Fighting! ‘The Queen’s Classroom(여왕의 교실)’ Fighting! ‘I can hear your voice(너의 목소리가 들려)’ Fighting! ‘You’re the best, Lee Soon-Shin(최고다 이순신)’ Fighting! Republic of Korea’s dramas Fighting! SHINee Fighting! ***Jonghyun just listed out most of the on-going Korean Dramas to prevent rumours of him being bias towards any one.

SHINee, also jjangjjang man^^…So I say…this is a conspiracy. I was ‘hacked’. ‘He’ has not only killed someone and now ‘he is hacking’ ; it’s really a cruel city, where did this person received education? Ask him to go to ‘The Queen’s Classroom’ keke Need to sing Green Rain to refresh. ***Jonghyun was just joking about being ‘hacked’. He created his own drama and was playing with his words.  

really well; (I’m) done with all

im done with u.
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Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130717]

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