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 Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130327]

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$Jonghyun's Baby$

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130327]    Kv. 03 28, 2013 7:08 pm

Did you sleep well? I wanted to see you thats why I couldn’t sleep all night. The night is not compromising, though my body is weary but my eyes are clearer. I’m already hooked unto you, your pretty hair, warm breath, I always wanted to wake up by your side.

I made you curious right??heh

According to the research results, food intake before and after 12 o’clock is incomparable due to the significant reduction of calories of food intake. In particular, when consuming chicken and beer together the calories is almost close to 0, you can see how the effect of small diets can affect the universe peace.

Butterfly wings can cause a small typhoon, with the meaning of butterfly effect, chicken and beer together, butterfly effect is larger, visible positive effect weight loss would mean bringing peace to the universe. Recalling this, we should say its ChiMaek effect.

O.o šiknius...ką čia skiedi.
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Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130327]

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