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 Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130309]

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$Jonghyun's Baby$

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130309]    Antr. 03 12, 2013 2:44 am

I watched Guardians on the plane, after so long I felt greatly moved..I like fantasy. Mostly hero and fantasy, fairy tale, myth, not leaving out morality in large scales. I still like these genre although people laugh at it..The biggest reason in life’s ‘Giving as much back to the world’.

[T/N: The English name of ‘Guardians’ which Jonghyun have mentioned above is ‘Rise of the Guardians’ its a movie he watched on the plane earlier.]

There is no difference in age. Doesn’t matter whether only good kids who doesn’t cry will receive presents or whether Santa really exists. Whats important is to accept Santa gifts that parents prepared. I received more gifts when trying to be a better boy. That moment Santa did exist.

With a firm belief and commitment to live I watched my world stirred.. Goodnight everyone

Kids are the best.

(P/T: Eliza told me this. The world doesn’t always do what you imagine it to do. But it’s really awesome that it doesn’t always do what I imagine! Something happened that I never imagined.)

kas čia per sentimentai. pfuuu
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Jonghyun's Twitter Update [130309]

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